Moldex Filtration


Moldex Air Filtration Standards

European Standards for Particle Size

The European standards demand from a FFP 2 mask 94% filtering efficiency, from a FFP 3 mask 99,95 %filtering efficiency. This values are reached with a (“medium”) particle size of 0,6 microns, which is the worst to be filtered out. For bigger particles and even for smaller particles the filtration efficiency is (actually!) higher/better.  When thinking of particles being filtered by a filter-media we always think of a kind of web or net with more or less regular appearance.

Small particles do move fast and unforeseeable, the smaller particles are attracted by the electrostatic charge (like a gravitational field) so they hit the filter-fibers, get stuck on it  and are filtered out (electrostatic). Big particles move slowly and more "straight“. So they hit the filter and are filtered out as they are too big to get through the filter-holes. (mechanically filtered -same mechanism like a sieve).

When 0,6 micron sized particles come close to a filter media, all their properties are right in the middle of the small and big particles. As a matter of fact they are not caught by the filter mechanically (like big ones), but they are still too big to be caught by the electrostatic charge force - so these are the easiest to slip through.

If you reach a high filtering rate for this medium size particle - all others will be filtered even better. That´s how our filters work.

These recommendations are made on the basis of guidelines in respiratory protection and reflect the present legislation and knowledge.

This information should only be used as a guide, it remains the responsibility of the user to identify all the contaminants and contaminant levels to ensure the correct protection is selected and worn at all times.

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