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Air quality has always been a big problem in public places, more so where there are small confined areas, (doctors waiting rooms, small windowless offices, care homes), in fact any area where the air in the room is not able to be changed three time in one hour, is classed as under-ventilated, this leads to sickness and transmission of germs and diseases to others and staff, this in turn leads to more time lost to sickness.

The way to tell if an area is suffering from lack of air changes is just to ‘smell’ the air, if the air ‘does not smell right’ it probably isn’t. This is a big problem in care homes and old people’s homes.

To combat this situation, ‘Protopro’ have developed a range of air scrubbers that have a filtration system better than ‘HEPA’. Using one or more of our ‘Air-Control’ units will give you peace of mind, knowing that the air in the area being cleaned is as clean as can be, without the use of other chemical agents.

In our Air-Scrubbers, we only use ‘Air-Quality’ face mask filters, that have been designed tested and manufactured by ‘Moldex’ in Germany. We told them, what it was we were aiming to capture and they then advised what would be the most suitable filters to use from their extensive range. If they say it is safe to breathe the air, then it must be safe!!!!!

If there was an outbreak of any disease then Moldex have an air filtration solution to fit into our ‘Air-Control’ system to minimise the transfer of bugs!!!!

All our Air-Scrubber Units are easy to operate and change the filters, in fact the filter change takes approximately 30 seconds, once a month and the secondary gas filter once at least every six months.

We are the first manufacturer to offer such a simple system, operating at such a high level of efficiency.

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