3D Printer Air Control Units

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Protopro Ltd, 3D Printing ‘AIR-CONTROL’ Units

Protopro Ltd, 3D Printing ‘AIR-CONTROL’ Units

Manufactured in ‘Aluminium Composite Panel’, or ‘Acrylic'.

The ACP version is slowly being phased out, for the ‘Acrylic Version'.

We have developed over the last 3 years several products that solve the issues of ‘UFP’ and other possible harmful emissions given off during the 3D printing process.

Whilst there are other versions of ‘Air-Scrubbers’ in the market place, we believe ours to be the only solution to solve all the issues surrounding 3D or ‘Additive Manufacturing’ process fumes.

Our ‘Air-Control’ units have been designed with the following in mind;

  • Function
  • Aesthetic design
  • Ease of use
  • Low cost replacement filtration, designed and manufactured by ‘Moldex’ in Germany.
  • Long service life

Our systems have been designed to use ‘EASYLOCK’ FILTERS’ designed to be changed quickly, with a filtration cartridge to suit any 3D printing, and in our other range of ‘Air-Control’ systems, Fume-Control’ and ‘Workshop/Office’ ‘Environmental-Control’ Units, we can filter out harmful elements such lead, (soldering) and mercury vapour etc.

Please discuss with our design director your requirements, whether it is for a small workshop, home, school or college, we have a safe solution for you.

If you are interested in learning more about staying safe please read the article below or look up on the web pages for further information on ‘the harmful effects of the fumes given off during 3D printing'. Most sites recommend using a HEPA filter, but our filters have been designed to breath in air that is highly contaminated with UFP as well as the other components Styrene, other acids and cyanidric acid etc.

David Sher Air Quality Article

Discover why air filtration and control in a 3D Printing Environment is critical for health and safety

3D Printer Air Control Units from Protopro UK

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