3D Printer Training Courses in Cumbria

Learn and Educate

3D Printer Training Courses in Cumbria

3D Printing Education, Training Courses & Consultancy

The ‘Education and Training Course’ lasts 5 hours and includes tea, coffee and sandwiches.

Each course will cover the following;

General overview of model making, and why, when to use 3D printing, 3D CAD basics and the best free and paid for programs and CNC router and laser cutting

  • When to use 3D printing, and for what is it suitable?
  • How to lay out the model/s on the build plate and why this is so very important?
  • How to choose the correct filament for the job in hand, and is the 3D printer capable of getting the best from such filaments?
  • 3D printer basic maintenance?
  • Using a 3D printer with a conventional air-cooled hot-end?
  • How to remove the filament from a blocked nozzle and why blockages occur?
  • Why it is best to use a cover or a case, on a 3D printer?
  • Should an ‘Air-Scrubber’ be mandatory fitment to all 3D printers, that are operated inside buildings where people are?
  • CNC machining general safety, why and when to use a CNC router?
  • Laser cutting basic safety, why and when to use it?

Price to £150 per delegate and a max of 6 delegates – courses run on Wednesdays only.  Other days by arrangement only.

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